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Hiraya Chocolates: Responsibly Sourced, Delightfully Imaginative

Hiraya, meaning the “fruit of one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations,”is derived from the ancient Filipino phrase Hiraya Manawari which means “may the wishes of your heart be granted."

And this is exactly what Hiraya Chocolates is all about.

cacao farming in davao

In the highlands of Malabog, a region two hours away from the city of Davao, local farmers harvest the cacao beans that go into making Hiraya's luscious chocolate bars.

Their imaginative concoctions include: Coconut Milk and Roasted Coconuts, Dark Chocolate with Benguet Coffee Nibs, Spicy Dark Chocolate with Crunchy Pork rinds (Chicharon), and Dark chocolate with Edam cheese (queso de bola) chunks.

Aside from their imaginative ways of crafting chocolate bars, they also help uplift the way of life of local Cacao farmers across the country, with particular focus on cacao farming in Davao, by working directly with them.

cacao farming in davao

This proudly Filipino bean-to-bar company helps local farmers by ensuring fair trade principles to help bolster their income.

This same care goes into their sustainable and socially-conscious production process, making sure everything, from the harvest to packaging process, is motivated by the passion to bring joy, one all-natural chocolate bar at a time.

cacao farming in davao 

Our personal favorite is Hiraya's queso de bola chocolate bar, which takes a Filipino Christmas staple, queso de bola (Edam cheese), and combines it with rich, dark chocolate, giving it a pleasantly sharp and salty contrast.

cacao farming in davao

Hiraya's queso de bola chocolate bar is part of the very first Chibundle. Along with other delectable Filipino goodies: Oh So Healthy! Fruit CrispsJust Mango Freeze Dried Philippine MangoesAuro Roasted White Choco Cashew SpreadWrapsody Pili Pastries, and Chichashroom Mushroom Chicharon.

Indulge in this uniquely crafted treat by ordering your Chibundle, here.


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images from: Hiraya Chocolates website