Champorado level up with Auro 100% Saloy Dark Chocolate (Reserve 2018, Single Estate)

Champorado level up with Auro 100% Saloy Dark Chocolate (Reserve 2018, Single Estate)

We're in the middle of winter when it could get so gloomy. Staying indoors more due to the cold or Omicron aren't helping either. But we can do something comforting and simple at home to warm our bodies and spirits. That is, make champorado.

Champorado is a traditional Filipino rice and chocolate tablea (pure ground roasted cacao beans) hot porridge that's perfect for this season. It's typically combined with condensed milk and evaporated milk and, sometimes, something salty and savory is eaten with it like tuyo (dried herring).

Our rendition of champorado uses Auro's 100% Dark Chocolate with single estate cacao beans from Saloy, Davao Del Sur harvested in 2018. This chocolate's earthy notes of herbs, bergamot and cherries combine deliciously with the fragrant glutinous rice. It melts so smoothly and it isn't too bitter that you can cut down on the condensed and evaporated milk (or your choice of non-dairy milk).

1 bar Auro 100% Saloy Dark Chocolate (Reserve 2018, Single Estate)
1 cup glutinous rice
6-8 cups water

Optional additions:
Condensed milk
Evaporated milk (or whole milk or non-dairy milk)

On a pot, cook the rice in 6 cups of water until it's soft enough. Then, break the Auro 100% Saloy Dark Chocolate into pieces and add into the pot. Stir until all are well combined. KEEP STIRRING so it won't burn. Add more water as needed until the rice has popped and fully cooked.

Serve in bowls and go crazy (or not) with the milks. Enjoy! Check out this Instagram reel we made for further demonstration.

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