Chichashroom: Redefining a Classic Filipino Snack

Chichashroom: Redefining a Classic Filipino Snack

Ask any Filipino what their favorite snack is and chicharon would likely be in the top ten.

The deep fried, crunchy pork cracklings make for a great anyday snack. They pair well with vinegar, but when crushed, they also make good toppings for another Filipino comfort food, pancit, a tasty stir-fried noodle dish.

Though there's nothing wrong with indulging in some good ol' pork-based chicharon once in a while, it also helps to cut down because we all know that it is packed with saturated and trans fat. And in excess, these can lead to high (bad) cholesterol, and certain cardiovascular disorders. 

It's hard to imagine chicharon without pork, but there are healthier alternatives out there, snacks that feel just as indulgent and satisfying without the added health risks.

Our personal favorite is Chichashroom, which is made with seasoned shitake mushrooms and other all-natural ingredients. 


Made by Vegetari Healthy bites, the richly flavored cracklings were concocted by Angela Monalisa Castelltort and Arvin Kisig Lopez, a couple from Los Baños, Laguna.

Both vegetarians, their main motivation for seeking and creating better alternatives was so they would be able to live long, healthy lives, to be able to care for their four children. Since healthy snacking options in regular grocery stores are quite limited, they decided to create some themselves, and so the idea of making pork-free chicharon came about.

Aside from Chichashroom, they've also created scrumptious Seacharon (Seaweed Chicharon) and Crispy Kelp Seacharon. All of their creations are light, crunchy, and rich in flavor!

But don't just take our word for it. Enjoy them for yourself!

Vegetari Healthy Bites Chichashrooms are part of the very first Modern Pinoy Chibundle along with other delectable Filipino goodies: Oh So Healthy! Fruit CrispsJust Mango Freeze Dried Philippine MangoesAuro Roasted White Choco Cashew SpreadHiraya Queso de Bola Chocolate Bar, and Wrapsody Pili Pastries.

Savor Vegetari Healthy Bites Chichashroom and other delightful Filipino treats by ordering your Chibundle today.

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