5 Ways Coconut Chips Can Elevate Your Snacking Experience

5 Ways Coconut Chips Can Elevate Your Snacking Experience

The humble coconut is one of the most versatile ingredients in Filipino cuisine. From traditional delicacies to modern gourmet treats, coconuts have a distinct way of making local favorites more flavorful and nutritious.

What's the best way to enjoy coconuts? As tasty, fiber-rich crisps that can make merienda (snack time) even more fun!

1. Smoothie bowl with coconut chips

Stir in some coconut flakes with your daily fruit smoothie bowl with an array of toppings like banana slices and crushed cashews for added flavor and texture. 

2. Yogurt with coconut chips

Trade in your usual candy sprinkles for the delicate sweetness of fiber-rich coconut chips when choosing yogurt toppings for a guilt-free snacking experience!

3. Mais con hielo and coconut chips

Mais con hielo is a traditional Filipino dessert made with crushed ice, corn kernels and evaporated milk. Looking for a unique spin on this classic dessert? Just add some crushed coconut chips. 

4. Bibingka with coconut chips

Traditional baked rice cakes, or bibingka, are made with rice flour, coconut milk, salted duck eggs. To make it even tastier, top it off with crunchy, coconut chips and tasty coconut flakes!

5. Champorado with coconut chips

The go-to partner of chocolate porridge in Filipino cuisine is tuyo (salted fish), but you can also have fun and play around with your choice of side dish. Why not try sprinkling some coconut flakes on top of your bowl? Not only will it add flavor but a pleasant crunch that will make indulging in this delectable classic even more of a treat. 

For our seaside selection, we have partnered with homegrown Filipino brand AG Neutraceuticals to bring their classic take on coconut chips to your doorstep! 


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