Purple Yam, Banana, Coconut Fruit Crisps: Summer Vibes in Every Bite

Purple Yam, Banana, Coconut Fruit Crisps: Summer Vibes in Every Bite

In the Philippines, it's always summer somewhere. With 7,107 islands to choose from, there's always some beach waiting to be enjoyed.

And just as the delights of summer abound throughout the year, so too do the tropical flavors from local produce. Coconuts, purple yams, and bananas are three of the most popular. 

dried fruit crisps

On their own, these flavorful fruits brighten the flavor and improve the texture of many Filipino delicacies, like Ube halaya (purple yam jelly) and bibingka (rice cakes).

But very few delicacies manage to mix these three in delightful, innovative ways. So when we stumbled upon these delectable dried fruit crisps, we knew we found something special.

Made from 100% fruits, Oh So healthy's Purple Yam Banana Coconut crisps make use of all-natural, preservative-free ingredients without making use of any oil or form of frying.

What results from this process are tasty crisps bursting with a delicious mingling of Purple Yam, Banana and Coconut. 

How's that for guilt-free snacking?

dried fruit crisps


Not only does this innovative delicacy offer a healthier snacking option, it also paves the way for local Filipino farmers to share their products with a wider audience.

We at Chibundle believe in the talent and passion of Filipino artisans and this tasty, unique product shows the many wonderful treats the Philippines has to offer.

Indulge in the guilt-free delights of Oh So Healthy! Purple Yam Banana Fruit crisps and other delightful Filipino treats by ordering your Chibundle today.

Oh So Healthy Fruit Crisps are part of the very first Chibundle along with other delectable Filipino goodies: Just Mango Freeze-Dried MangoesVegetari Healthy Bites' ChichashroomsAuro Roasted White Choco Cashew SpreadHiraya Queso de Bola Chocolate Bar, and Wrapsody Pili Nut Pastries.

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image: Oh So Healthy Fruit Crisps website

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