Freeze-Dried Mangoes: A Refreshing Way to Enjoy a National Favorite

Freeze-Dried Mangoes: A Refreshing Way to Enjoy a National Favorite

From the scenic shores of Guimaras to the beachside towns of Zambales, the Philippine mango consistently holds its own as one of the sweetest and most delicious in the world.

There's no denying that the national fruit of the Philippines is a source of pride for many. It's been said that the mangoes of Guimaras have been exported all over the world and have been served in iconic landmarks like the White House and Buckingham Palace.

"You haven't had real mangoes until you've had some from the Philippines," my dad, who was born and raised in Cebu (where dried mangoes abound), would often say.

And one juicy bite will be all it takes to convince you. 

Mangoes are used in a variety of Filipino dishes, from sweet desserts like mango with tapioca and coconut milk to less traditional dishes like mango chicken curry.

The different ways to enjoy this beloved fruit are practically endless. But one of the best ways is also the most unexpected---have you ever tried freeze-dried mangoes?

Though mangoes are beloved for their juicy, creamy texture, this different take deserves as much love.

And JustFruit's Freeze-Dried Mangoes definitely won our hearts.

Wanting to provide healthier snacking options in the Philippines, Just Fruit thought of creating natural, preservative-free snacks that are made from pure, nutritious fruit. 

The freeze-drying process not only lends a pleasant texture to the beloved Philippine mango, it also helps lock in all the good stuff, making sure that with each bite, you get generous servings of all the nutritional benefits fresh mangoes have to offer.

Aside from being advocates of healthy snacking alternatives, Just Fruit also wants to do their part in boosting the Philippines' economy by supporting and sourcing from local farmers.


We at Chibundle believe in the talent and passion of Filipino artisans and the team behind this delicious product shows the many wonderful treats the Philippines has to offer.

Indulge in the delights of Just Mango Freeze-dried Mangoes and other delightful Filipino treats by ordering your Chibundle today.

Just Mango's Freeze-dried mangoes are part of the very first Chibundle along with other delectable Filipino goodies: Oh So Healthy! Fruit CrispsVegetari Healthy Bites' ChichashroomsAuro Roasted White Choco Cashew SpreadHiraya Queso de Bola Chocolate Bar, and Wrapsody Pili Nut Pastries.

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image: Just Fruit PH Instagram account

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