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5 Healthy Snack Ideas To Satisfy Your Cravings

For many of us, snacking means indulging our cravings, regardless of whether it's good for us or not. But did you know that snacking can be both a healthy and flavorful experience?

Making healthier snacking choices not only boosts overall health, it can help curb cravings, regulate our mood, improve brain function, and it can give us a much needed energy boost to power through our day. 


In Filipino food culture, snacking is a pretty big deal. It's so important that we've designated a time in the afternoon to snack or what we call merienda. And snacking in between meals is a pretty common Filipino pastime. 

From fatty, crunchy chicharon to sugary glutinous rice cakes, taste often trumps nutrition. But more and more discerning, health-conscious palates are embracing healthier options.

Healthy Filipino Snacks: Fun Ideas To Satisfy Your Cravings

At Chibundle Foods, we just love bringing you delicious snacking options while still offering you healthier choices. So here are some of our picks for delicious, healthy Filipino snacks from seasons past that you can still enjoy today!

Freeze-dried Mangoes

It's no secret that Philippine mangoes are some of the sweetest in the entire world. And though we love their creamy texture, the freeze-dried variety also holds a special place in our hearts. 

Freeze-dried mangoes offer a unique way to experience a classic Filipino favorite, through crunchy chips that looks in all the flavor and nutrients of Philippine mangoes.

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Mushroom Chicharon


One of the most popular Filipino snacks is chicharon, or fatty pork cracklings, which are best enjoyed dipped in vinegar. But there are healthier, less fatty options out there, like the uniquely Filipino product Vegetari Chichashroom, which is made with beautifully seasoned shitake mushrooms. 

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Cacao Nibs

Philippine cacao is rising in popularity and because of this, unique snacks are being embraced the world over.

All-natural cacao nibs are a great choice if you're craving chocolate, but still want to cut back on processed sugar. Go for naturally sweetened snacks, like Chocoloco Crunchy Organic Cacao Nibs coated with Coco Sugar.

This unique snack, which is made from Davao's premium Cacao varieties, locks in all the goodness of Filipino cacao in tasty nibbles. Each morsel has a rich, deep flavor, and a fun, crunchiness. Plus: it contains iron, magnesium, vitamin B, anti-oxidants lots of fiber.

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Coconut Chips

For those who have a constant craving for chips, there are healthier options available, like coconut chips.

One of our favorite healthy Filipino snacks are coconut chips. And we just love adding baked, nutrient-rich coconut crisps as toppings to a yogurt parfait layered with berries and fruit. Its delicate sweetness and light texture is the perfect finishing touch to a healthy dessert that still feels indulgent!

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Pili Nuts with Honey

Pili nuts, which are abundant in Bicol, Philippines, are some of the most versatile and flavorful nuts in the world. These savory nuts can elevate the sweetness and texture of a variety of dishes, like brownies or chocolate cake.

Raw pili nuts taste like macadamia nuts, but once they're roasted, they take on a buttery flavor. 

Pili nuts are also considered a superfood, as they're packed with nutrients and minerals, like protein, calcium, anti-oxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids, which have been known to improve heart health. 

This makes YNut! Glazed Pili nuts with honey one of our go-to healthy Filipino snacks.

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