Kuma Inn at Uminom sa Kabisera on March 12

Kuma Inn at Uminom sa Kabisera on March 12

The Philippines and Thailand are just a couple of thousand miles apart and belong together in the ASEAN group but we don't see enough Filipino-Thai collaborations in cuisine. But in 2003, King Phojanakong opened Kuma Inn in the Lower East Side in NYC to do just that.

Being Filipino and Thai himself, Chef King offered classic Filipino and Thai dishes but also elegantly combined the flavors and techniques found in each respective cuisine. Kuma Inn had a great successful run until it shuttered in 2021.

On March 12, 2022 though, Chef King is collaborating with one of Chibundle's esteemed partners, Kabisera for a 1-day only event. Augee Francisco of Kabisera and Chef King will be cooking a special Filipino-Thai meal of pork belly adobo, vegetable lumpia and, papaya salad, that features Ynut! Pilinut Glazed with Honey.

So join us on March 12, 2022 Saturday from 12 noon onwards at Kabisera for this degustation experience. Dine-in and take out are available but walk-ins only. See you there! 



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