Meet AR Arcon: This Season's Featured Artist

Meet AR Arcon: This Season's Featured Artist

Over the years, both food and art have evolved as meaningful expressions of Filipino culture. 

Aside from curating premium Filipino goodies by talented artisans, we want to celebrate Filipino artistry through exclusive artworks and collectibles enclosed within every Chibundle.

This season, as part of the Modern Pinoy Chibundle, we've partnered with AR Arcon, a talented Filipino artist who's passionate about telling stories through the visual arts.

"I’d like to tell stories of places I’ve been to, through ink..."

pen and ink sketching

"I’d like to tell stories of places I’ve been to, through ink," shares AR.

Being a storyteller motivates him to create and keep creating, drawing inspiration from his travels, from history, and from beautiful architecture. 

This love affair with pen and ink sketching, as well as various visual arts, started when he was young. 

pen and ink sketching

"The earliest memory of sketching I have was about 6 years old," he recounts. "I remember that when I got admitted to the hospital, I asked the nurses to put the dextrose needle on my left arm because I needed to use my right hand for sketching. And when I was there, I remember sketching a cat. I can still remember how it looked like."

pen and ink sketching

To this day, he still sketches pets aside from stunning architectural designs and interesting human subjects. You can find most of his intricate pen and ink drawings and watercolor-based art on his Instagram account Transman Art, which also serves as a great portfolio as well as a platform to share his advocacies.

Not only is AR a gifted artist he's also a passionate champion of transgender men's rights in the Philippines.


 pen and ink sketching

Much like other talented visual artists, AR has a distinct process.

His creative process entails absorbing a different medium to help fuel him to create.

"My process involves watching history documentaries while creating art," he shares.

Watching these types of documentaries helps transport him to a different space and time, he explains. It offers a way to a new reality.

But it is not only the beautiful that inspires him; even experiences that aren't necessarily pleasant have helped define him as an artist.

"I used to make art out of heartbreaks," confides AR.

These days, he's dabbling with watercolor and he continues to explore avenues through which he can communicate his ideas.

"I feel that creating art will always be a part of me. It’s my ‘go-to-place’ when I need to slow down and reassess life..." 

He's been making art for decades and throughout this time, it's truly become a part of his life, of his identity.

"I feel that creating art will always be a part of me. It’s my ‘go-to-place’ when I need to slow down and reassess life (which happens very often)," shares AR.

Not only is he passionate about pen and ink sketching, he also aspires to communicate through writing someday and venture into some of his other dream projects, such as fashioning bust sculptures of his pets and oil painting on linen or a larger canvas.

pen and ink sketching  

We can't wait to see more of AR's work in the future. Whether he uses pen and ink or an array of vibrant watercolors, there's no doubt that the future looks bright for this talented Filipino artist. 

Enclosed in our Modern Pinoy Chibundle is a beautiful artwork made exclusively for Chibundle by AR.

Much like the theme of our first Chibundle, AR truly embodies what being a modern Pinoy is all about: someone who values tradition while using his creativity to make beautiful products that can inspire the world.  

pen and ink sketching

We believe in the talent and passion of Filipino artisans and artists.

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images courtesy of AR Arcon and Harold Dave Narte


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