5 Fun Facts About Philippine Green Mangoes

5 Fun Facts About Philippine Green Mangoes

The sweetness of Philippine mangoes is well known. It's been hailed by many as being the sweetest in the world and it accounts for a massive part of the export industry.  

But even before it ripens, the Philippine mango is already bursting with flavor. The Philippine Green Mango, or unripe mango, has a distinct sourness that we have come to love just as much as the sweetness of ripe mangoes.

Here are five fun facts about the Philippine Green Mango!

1. The Philippine Green Mango has a sourness that brings out the best in other flavors

Often paired with sautéed shrimp paste, chili, salt (or all of the above) the sourness of the Philippine green mango lends itself well to spicy or salty food. 

2. The Philippine Green Mango can be pickled and preserved for a long time

Also known as burong mangga, pickled green mango fermented in salt is a delicacy that's sweet and tart. It can be enjoyed as a snack or as a companion to fried or broiled fish.

photo: Ian Limpangog

3. The Philippine Green Mango is a star of an annual festival 

Each year, Guimaras island---whose mangoes have been hailed as one of the best in the world---holds its famed manggahan festival, where locals and tourists alike can feast on all kinds of mangoes until they drop! Yes, ripe mangoes are the stars of the show, too!

4. The Philippine Green Mango can stay green forever

In Misamis Occidental, Philippines, there grows a type of mango that remains green even when ripe. Also known as evergreen mangoes, these varieties are more round than the usual mango. But it's not sour! Its sweetness and tender flesh is similar to the ripe yellow carabao mangoes. 

5. The Green Mango is a versatile ingredient packed with nutrients

Aside from going well with condiments or fermentation, the green mango can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

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