6 Delicious Experiences That Await Inside Our Summer Chibundle

6 Delicious Experiences That Await Inside Our Summer Chibundle

From sugar-white beaches to lush, verdant fields, the Philippines has no shortage of sights to draw tourists from all over the world. But what's just as amazing is how local communities have drawn from this natural abundance to cultivate a thriving cuisine and culture.

Last season, we brought you delicacies inspired by the Philippine seaside. This summer, we want to continue celebrating the bounty of the Philippines. But this time, we are bringing you homegrown Filipino delicacies sourced directly from local artisans and farming communities.  

And so this summer, we bring you our Summer Harvest, yet another collection of carefully curated Filipino goodies for you to enjoy.

Here's what to expect when you open up our Summer Chibundle and why we're sure you'll love it!

1. You'll love getting your cookie fix with a unique twist

In our Summer Chibundle, you'll find a new take on the traditional cookie, in both form and flavor with Stookies Kalamansi Almond Cookie Sticks. 

These buttery cookies, whose shape was inspired by Grissini (Italian breadsticks), comes with a generous sprinkling of crushed almonds along with the tangy kick of Philippine lime (or calamansi) with every crumbly bite. 

2. You'll enjoy Philippine mangoes like you never have before

Depending on its level of ripeness, the Philippine mango (also known as carabao mango) has a varying taste and aroma. Unripe Philippine mangoes are sour but sweeten as they ripen. In fact, the Philippine Mango has earned a reputation for being one of the sweetest in the world

This season, we bring you a new way to enjoy unripe Philippine carabao mangoes as chewy kernels that are made from 100% fresh fruit with B&C Green Mango Chews. These morsels can be enjoyed as an anytime snack or as toppings to add a sour contrast to creamy soft serve. 

3. Traditional meets trendy ingredients  

Dulce de leche, a confection brought by the Spanish to the Philippines, is made by slowly simmering sweetened milk to create a caramel spread. Over the years, it has gained a prominent place in Filipino cuisine, where it is used in pastries, like cakes and flans. 

In our summer Chibundle, the traditional flavors of dulce de leche are reimagined by Lick the Spoon, who have combined this classic dessert with one of the trendiest flavors today, salted egg.

Salted eggs are typically “harvested” by burying them in a pot before coating them in a clay mixture, prior to a 14-day curing process.

What results is a rich, creamy spread that promises a sweet and savory experience you won't soon forget. 

4. Refreshing flavors mingle with exciting textures

Dragon fruit might have been flying under the radar when it comes to go-to Filipino fruit, but it's definitely worthy of the spot on your list of favorite fruits.

In our Summer Chibundle, we have included Just Fruit's latest freeze-dried concoction, JustFruit Dragon Fruit, whose flavors remind us of kiwi or pears, and texture is truly unique. Imagine a crunchy bite that melts in your mouth and bursts with flavor. Not to mention, the freeze-drying process locks in all the nutrients! 

5. We'll inspire you to cultivate healthier snacking habits

Of course, having salty potato chips once in a while isn't a bad thing, but there are healthier snacking alternatives that do not scrimp on flavor. 

Cassava Chips with Moringa and Squash by Highness Food products is a great example. This flavorful snack has zero preservatives and is made with 100% natural cassava grates. Enjoy these healthy chips, whose flavors deepen as you have more, as is or dipped in cheese or thousand island dressing. 

6. You can indulge in a superfood that's also a "super snack"

Kale is a nutrient-rich vegetable. And though it may not be the first that springs to mind when we talk about Filipino produce, it's fast becoming one of the most popular crops, especially in regions of the Philippines with a cooler climate. 

Take Root Kale Chips partners with local farming communities to turn this superfood into a super delicious and guilt-free snack that combines the flavors of sour cream with the freshness of chives. 

Want to experience the bright and fresh flavors of summertime in the Philippines? 

Order your Summer Harvest Chibundle here.

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