6 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Seaside Selection

6 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Seaside Selection

Each season, we want to bring you the best of the Philippines. We scour the country for some of the most delectable goodies that showcase the creativity and passion of Filipino artisans.

This Spring, we proudly bring you our Seaside Selection.

Here's why we think you will love each and every item in this Chibundle as much as we do!

1. We are giving you different ways to enjoy coconuts 

From thick, luscious organic coconut jam with sea salt to soothing herbal teas, coconuts play a huge role in our Seaside Selection and in the coastal cuisine of the Philippines in general.

This Spring, we are bringing you three delightful Coconut-based concoctions, L'amor Coco Ginger Herbal Tea, AG Neutraceutical's Pure Coco Crisps, and Buko Foods Coconut Spread with Sea salt.

2. We've bottled up the freshness of the seas

Our Seaside selection won't be complete without some good ol' seafood. And so we've featured classic recipes like Pamana's Sinaing na Tulingan as well as a more unique take on traditional favorites with Bicol's best Bicol Express Tinapa.

3. Three words: Salted, Egg, Chips

The "salted egg craze" is far from over and we're so here for it. This is why we handpicked the best salted egg-flavored, Filipino-made delicacy we could find, Stips Chips Salted Egg Fish Skin.

4. Local artisans lovingly made each item

From the delicate flavors of coconut chips to the rich, meaty flavor of jarred seafood, each item we have handpicked to be a part of our Seaside Selection is made with care by creative, passionate artisans who want to showcase the beauty and flavors of Filipino delicacies to the world.

5. We offer you a delicious and healthy alternative

With our Seaside Selection, we offer a delicious, healthy alternative because they're made without preservatives. Take our Coconut Ginger tea, for instance, not only is it soothing and delicious, it's also packed with nutritive properties. Ginger has been known to treat cough and colds, alleviate nausea, relieve pain (such as migraines), lower blood pressure, and relieve swelling or heartburn.

6. It feels like a tropical vacation in a box 

With each item in our collection, you'll feel like summer has come early or that you're on some beachside town savoring the local fare.

Ready to experience the bright, fresh flavors of the Philippines seas with us?  

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