Auro Roasted White Chocolate and Cashew Spread: A Delicious Heritage Excitingly Innovated

Auro Roasted White Chocolate and Cashew Spread: A Delicious Heritage Excitingly Innovated

Chocolate in a spreadable form is a dream for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

Italy has Nutella. Most recently, the Swiss have turned Lindt into a spread. And the Philippines has its very own mouthwatering spread, made from the finest cacao beans in Davao and cashews from Palawan. 

Made by Filipino bean-to-bar company Auro chocolates, the chunky, delectable spread goes well with practically anything...toast, baked goods, or enjoyed straight from the jar. (We won't judge!)

Auro chocolates prides itself in marrying Filipino heritage with innovation.

Though the Philippines was the first country in Asia to harvest cacao, we have yet to experience its full potential. 

And so Auro chocolates wants to do their part in empowering the cacao industry by working closely with farmers in Davao.

From every step of the process, from harvesting to processing to packaging, from bean to bar to spread, they're fully involved in every step of making delectable homegrown treats from sustainably sourced ingredients. 

We at Chibundle believe in the talent and passion of Filipino makers and artisans. This tasty, unique product definitely embodies the many wonderful delights as well as the immense potential of the Philippines' cacao industry and beyond.

Indulge in Auro Roasted White Chocolate and Cashew spread and other delightful Filipino treats by ordering your Chibundle today.

Auro Roasted White Chocolate and Cashew spread are part of the very first Chibundle along with other delectable Filipino goodies: Just Mango Freeze-Dried MangoesVegetari Healthy Bites' ChichashroomsOh So Healthy Dried Fruit CrispsHiraya Queso de Bola Chocolate Bar, and Wrapsody Pili Nut Pastries.

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second image from: Auro Chocolates Instagram page



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