Wrapsody Pili Pastries: A Symphony of Flavors from the Heart of Bicol

Wrapsody Pili Pastries: A Symphony of Flavors from the Heart of Bicol

The Pili nut, which abounds in Bicol, Philippines, is a pretty versatile ingredient. It can be used to sweeten cakes and add texture to savory dishes.

When raw, Pili nuts can be likened to macadamia nuts or sunflower seeds and when roasted, they take on a more buttery texture. However you choose to enjoy it, there's no denying that Pili nuts have a distinct, delicate flavor that's hard to resist.

And what's even more charming is that its flavor lies in its simplicity: the less you process it, the more you get to enjoy its natural personality.

As if its delicious and unique flavor wasn't enough reason to enjoy pili nuts, they are also packed with nutrients, like protein, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids, which have been known to improve heart health. 

Pili nuts also work as antioxidants, keeping blood sugar levels at bay and promoting healthier skin.

Nothing highlights the flavor of Bicol’s Pili nuts quite like sweet treats, just like these delectable pili pastries made by C.O.P. Pili Sweets and Pastries.

This pasalubong* favorite can be likened to the Mediterranean Baklava, with its sweet flavor and crunchy but chewy texture. This refreshing take on pili nut pastries are bursting with the beloved flavors of milk and caramel.

pili nut pastries

Wrapsody Pili Pastries are part of the very first Chibundle. Along with other delectable Filipino goodies: Oh So Healthy! Fruit CrispsJust Mango Freeze-Dried MangoesAuro Roasted White Chocolate and Cashew Spread, Hiraya Queso de Bola Chocolate Bar, and Chichashroom Mushroom Chicharon.

Savor Wrapsody Pili Pastries and other delightful Filipino treats by ordering your Chibundle today.

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*Pasalubong - The Filipino tradition of bringing gifts home for family and friends after travelling locally or abroad.


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