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Cacao Adventures
Cacao Adventures

Cacao Adventures

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This Chibundle contains unique chocolates from the award-winning brand Auro, a bean-to-bar chocolate brand rooted in sustainability through direct-trade with farming communities based in Davao.

  • 32% White Chocolate with Moringa Pinipig
  • 68% Dark Chocolate Covered Freeze Dried Mango
  • 42% Milk Chocolate

Singles: contains 1 of each chocolate item
Doubles: contains 2 of each chocolate item

Indulge while still getting nutrients from moringa (a super food in the Philippines as malunggay) in the 32% White Chocolate with Moringa Pinipig (pinipig is glutinous rice that's been toasted and pounded flat). Bite into smooth dark chocolate then experience the sweetness of Philippines mangoes in the 68% Dark Chocolate Covered Freeze Dried Mango. And finally, the 42% Milk Chocolate is a smooth and creamy bar where the cacao notes take center stage.

This Chibundle also contains a greeting card with exclusive artwork made by a Filipino artist for Chibundle and product information cards for each item.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like a message on the card for the recipient of this Chibundle, please email us at so we can write the message on your behalf.