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Who We Are

Chibundle was founded in 2018 by two foodies from Manila who are dedicated to sharing the diversity and delicious flavors of Filipino food abroad.

Our mission is to share the flavors of the Philippines with food lovers all across the U.S.A. one Chibundle at a time.

We partner with micro, small to medium-scale businesses from all across the Philippines to bring high quality, uniquely Filipino products to you.

And in the same way that we value our partnerships with Filipino food artisans, we also collaborate with Filipino artists who create beautiful works of art, which come with each Chibundle you receive.

Chibog + Bundle = Chibundle

You can choose from a variety of curated themes or create your own, making Chibundle the perfect gift for any person and any occasion.

We are about bringing you a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t get anywhere else. 

Whether you have been enjoying the flavors of the Philippines your whole life or are only just embarking on this degustation journey, Chibundle is sure to immerse you in the most incredible experience of the Filipino flavors you know, love and have yet to discover.