Our Story

We are two food lovers from the Philippines who came to the US a few years ago and we absolutely love it here.

While we can connect with loved ones over the internet, we've found that there is little substitution for the flavors, spices and food.

Even though we are lucky enough to have a Filipino grocery store right down the block from us, we still found ourselves jonesing for the really special stuff: products crafted with passion by Filipino artisans in the Philippines. These are items we could only get a hold of in food bazaars and weekend markets back when we were living in Manila, and more and more of them are popping up in our social media feeds. We couldn't help but feel that we were missing out.

And with this FOMO on all the exciting Filipino goodies we see, Chibundle, your quarterly special chibog bundle subscription, was born.

Our mission?

To share the very best of Filipino flavors with our fellow Filipinos in the diaspora and with other curious, adventurous eaters who may not even know these goodies exist.

Each Chibundle is a curated selection of the best local foods sourced directly from small to medium scale businesses and social enterprises in the Philippines.  We feature a theme to give cultural context to the items we curate every season, we include information you need to be able to enjoy them, and to make it even more special, we round out the experience with exclusive collectible items that feature works of Filipino artists. 

Since we source the products from local makers back in the Philippines who generally aren’t distributing widely, we know we are bringing you a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t get anywhere else. 


Regardless if you've long had a connection with the Philippines or if this is a journey of discovery for you, Chibundles that we hand-curate and assemble with care are sure to immerse you in the most incredible experience of the Filipino flavors we know and love.